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Possession Of Marijuana


Possession Of Marijuana Is A Crime

The city of Atlanta just passed new legislation which significantly reduces jail time and the fine amount if you are convicted of possession of marijuana.Although it is commonly referred to by popular culture and social media as the “decriminalization of marijuana in Atlanta,” possession of marijuana will continue to be a crime.At The Law Office of Timothy McCalep, I work to make sure my clients’ rights are protected and properly defended. Upon hiring me as your lawyer, I will take over all communication to protect your rights. Call my office at 404-988-5809 to learn more. If you prefer, you may email me.

Were You Arrested For Carrying Less Than An Ounce of Marijuana?

The good news is that instead of facing 12 months in jail and a $1,000 fine, people will now face no jail time and a $75 fine if they are convicted for possession of less than an ounce marijuana.

This only applies to city of Atlanta. The arresting officer will still have the option to charge defendants under the traditional state law which remains unchanged.

The New Penalties Apply Only In Atlanta

This legislation only applies in Atlanta. Other Georgia counties such as Dekalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton, Rockdale, Douglas and surrounding areas still heavily penalize possession of marijuana.

If you are arrested for possession of over an ounce of marijuana, the charge is upgraded to intent and is now a felony. Additionally, it is not a requirement that the amount of marijuana be above an ounce for this charge to be mad.

Other evidence can be used to determine intent, such as the client’s possession of a scale, small baggies and large amounts of cash. Recently, police officers have been using text messages as evidence to determine if the person in possession of marijuana is a distributor or a simple user.

Prosecutors and police officers often make people feel more vulnerable than necessary. I am an experienced attorney who takes your circumstances as seriously as you do. For a free initial consultation contact me right away at 404-988-5809, or complete my online form to get started.