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Have you been hurt in an accident? Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, wrongful death event, slip & fall injury, medical malpractice case, or any other harmful act, The Law Office of Timothy McCalep will help hold the wrongful actors responsible. Call our office for a case evaluation.

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How To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta

Typically it’s as easy as just giving our office a phone call. You can speak with an attorney who will evaluate your case and the specific circumstances. We call this a “case evaluation,” you may have heard it referred to as a “free consultation,” but the point is…it’s easy. And it can usually be done over the phone. In certain instances, we may also ask you to come in for an office visit to more fully evaluate your case.

If you’ve been injured and it looks like you have a good case against some negligent (or worse) party, then we will take you on as a Client and fight to see that you get the financial compensation that you deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

We have over 100 Reviews on Google. You can read what several of our clients had to say about the excellent service they received at The Law Office of Timothy McCalep.

Elizabeth C. | 4 reviews
Timothy is absolutely amazing to work with. While working with him, he was always easily accessible to reach through phone and email. I truly appreciate all that he has done. I will continue to refer every person that I know to hire him as their attorney for criminal or personal injury cases. He’s one of the best in Atlanta!Review on Google
Stacia Y. | 1 review
Recently, I had a series of unfortunate events.  I was involved in a car accident near downtown Atlanta which left me shaken and just not sure what to do. I saw Attorney Tim’s reviews and knew that he was the one to help me.  What I can say now is that I made the right choice.  Not only did he reassure me of his help which was really what I needed but his staff is the bomb too.  Its refreshing to deal with a business that you can hear genuine concern in their voice.  Not only did they make absolute sure that I got as much medical attention as I can handle they put a very good deal of money in my pocket too!  I hope I never have to go through something like this again, but if I do or if it happens to a friend, I would not hesitate at all in calling Attorney Tim! –Review on Google
Gabrielle | 2 reviews
I highly recommend attorney tim for car accident cases and definitely will use him for anything else! Dealing with a situation like this is stressful, and no one wants to have to go through it. The office made me feel so much more at ease and took the load off of me. What was more satisfying is that I got taken care and everything was handeled professionally. If you are looking for a good personal injury attorney then don’t hesitate to call them! –Review on Google

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Attorney Tim specializes in helping people involved in car accidents. Car accidents occur in a variety of ways and The Law Office of Timothy McCalep has experienced pretty much all of them.

As a traffic attorney, he helped defend those that were charged with negligence. He was able to help the defendants who were charged with negligent car accident crimes prevail in trial.

Now as a plaintiff’s attorney helping victims of auto accidents, Attorney Tim takes all his experience to help them recover the maximum amount from the insurance companies in the shortest amount of time.

Attorney Tim knows all the tricks the insurance companies use and has prevailed countless times at trial and with settlements. Trial experience has given Attorney Tim’s clients the opportunity to get the most money in the least amount of time. If you are injured in any car related, traffic accident call Attorney Tim McCalep to maximize your case, Quickly.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer in Atlanta

Attorney Tim has been helping motorcycle riders for over 15 years. Even the most skilled riders need special attention, because unlike a car accident, where there is a buffer and the car is hit first, motorcycle riders are directly hit before their cycle and often suffer the most serious injuries as a result.

Attorney Tim McCalep pays extra special attention to riders. Call him if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Truck Accident Attorney – Atlanta

Commercial truck accidents can be absolutely devastating. This is the reason why they often carry million dollar insurance policies. However, the insurance companies will do everything they can to keep from having to pay the maximum. Attorney Tim has extensive experience pressuring the insurance companies and winning in trials. Call Attorney Tim McCalep if you have been involved in a trucking accident.

A Strong Pursuit Of Fair And Just Compensation

No matter your circumstances, your rights deserve to be respected. If you’ve suffered an injury, you should be able to seek compensation to cover your bills and damages.

I am attorney Timothy McCalep, and I believe your rights should always be protected. Representing a diverse clientele across Atlanta and the surrounding areas, I believe in providing a zealous defense in every case, no matter the circumstances.

In particular, I represent clients who have suffered an injury as a result of:

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Premises liability injuries
  • Slip-and-falls

When it’s called for, I will negotiate aggressively on your behalf, working so that you receive fair and just compensation. If necessary, I am prepared to go to trial, aggressively acting on your behalf.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

To learn more about my experience as a personal injury lawyer or to discuss a case in more detail, call my Atlanta, Georgia, office at 404-988-5809 or use the contact form to schedule a consultation.