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Felony convictions come with many life challenges

The life that you have after a criminal conviction might not be anything close to the one that you had before the conviction. There are many aspects of life that might change when you have a criminal record. If that charge was a felony, you are likely going to suffer tremendously.

Many people don't realize that the effects that a felony has on your life will extend far beyond the sentence the court imposes upon you. There are several areas of your life that might be affected.

Felony charges must be handled with a balanced defense

Addressing felony charges is difficult. You have to think about the options that you have for your defense but you also have to consider what each option means for your future. Being convicted of a felony means that you will have some life impacts from it. Taking all of this into consideration can help you to form a defense that address the points you need it to.

When most people hear that someone is facing a felony charge, they assume that it is associated with a heinous crime. This isn't always the case. It is true that felony charges are the most serious in the criminal justice system, but most are not "heinous." Think about felony drug possession charges. Perhaps such charges were warranted; or, maybe the accused person simply needed help overcoming an addiction.

3 common causes of car accidents

Imagine driving through Atlanta on your way to work. For a Monday morning, things are starting off well. You already stopped for gas and other morning necessities and are still running ahead of schedule. A few blocks away from work, the stop light turns red and you slowly bring your car to a stop just in front of the crosswalk. Unfortunately, the car behind you did not do the same. For whatever reason, the driver did not apply the brakes in time and slammed into the back of your car. Now you have to figure out how you are going to pay for the damages to your car and the medical expenses associated with your injuries. In addition, you will also have to miss work for a few days in order to sort this mess out.

Car accidents happen due to a wide variety of reasons. A wreck might occur because a dog ran out in the street and you or another driver tried to avoid it. Maybe something went wrong in the car, like engine or brake failure, that led to an accident. While there are endless possibilities, here are some of the most common causes of car crashes.

Factors that might impact your sentence after a conviction

One of the things that people facing criminal charges worries about is what sentence they will face. This is a difficult thought because it can sometimes come with the very real possibility of spending time behind bars. If you are facing a criminal charge, you should find out what factors the judge will consider in your case.

There are many different points that might have a part in what sentence you are facing. The most obvious of these is the charge you are facing. All charges come with a sentencing range that the judge will consider when trying to decide what you are going to have to do if you are convicted.

Drug charges can't be pushed under the rug

Many drugs that are commonplace today are actually illegal. This makes it sort of difficult for some people to understand just how serious drug charges are. If you are facing a drug charge of any type, you need to remember that these can have a significant impact on your life. This is true even if the charge is only for marijuana.

We understand that you are probably ready to just have the case over with. Working out a plea deal with the prosecutors is usually the fastest way to resolve one of these cases, but it might not be in your best interest. It is easy to forget that a plea deal requires you to admit in front of the court that you committed the crime. You can't go back later and change your mind once the deal is done.

The type of car crash matters if you seek compensation

Car crashes arise from a variety of circumstances. The situations surrounding the accident must be considered if you are going to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. The type of accident can also impact what type of injuries you suffer.

There are some accidents that are more common than others. Just because they are common doesn't mean that they are always the same. Here are some points to keep in mind about common car accident types:

Is your loved one facing inhumane conditions in prison?

Many people don't think twice about the conditions that prisoners in local, state and federal facilities face. That is until they are faced with the reality themselves or know someone who is in one of these facilities.

There seems to be a school of thought that prisoners should be treated in whatever way the jailers dole out. This isn't the case because prisoners are humans and their rights still apply. While prisoners shouldn't expect accommodations equivalent to a four-star hotel, they also shouldn't be in a place with conditions that rival a third-world country.

How should you respond to drug paraphernalia charges?

Drug paraphernalia charges exist in an interesting place, as far as legal consequences are concerned. While such as charge is a criminal offense and may lead to a variety of negative consequences, it is generally preferable to receive drug paraphernalia charges than drug possession charges. As a drug-related charge, a conviction still comes with relatively harsh punishment for an essentially minor violation.

Although Georgia maintains its own drug enforcement laws, federal laws prohibit a number of activities surrounding drug paraphernalia, including selling, transporting across state lines, and importing or exporting. Depending on the nature of a particular item, it is possible that merely possessing paraphernalia is enough to result in charges, even if there is no evidence of intent to sell or transport it.

The criminal justice system involves many points

The criminal justice system is one that many people fear. It is a very involved system that leaves people who are facing criminal charges feeling like they are stuck in a revolving door. Many people who have faced criminal charges or are facing them now know that there are a lot of different things that go into criminal justice.

Police officers are usually the first step in the criminal justice process. These officers are the ones who investigate crimes and make arrests. They are a vital part of the system but they aren't the entire system.

Treat felony charges as very serious matters

Nobody comes into their adult years with the goal of becoming a felon. Unfortunately, many adults will find themselves facing these very serious criminal charges. If you are in this situation, you need to take the initiative to find out what defense options you have so that you can move forward with a plan.

Criminal justice matters are often complex. When you are working on your defense, you will have to take the circumstances of the case into account to come up with a strategy for your defense. We realize that this is often challenging, but it isn't impossible. We can help you discover what options you have for working through your case.

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