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I am Timothy McCalep. As an Atlanta attorney passionate about protecting the civil rights of the clients I represent, I have extensive experience holding police officers and individual police departments accountable for injuries suffered due to police brutality. While such injuries can occur while individuals are in jail or under police custody, police misconduct can also occur to Georgia residents in their homes or out on the streets.When representing you as your lawyer, I will fight for your rights for redress concerning police misconduct, and explore every avenue for recovery of compensation due to the injuries you receive. I will listen to your concerns and advise you on the best course of action to pursue. I will also provide you a straightforward assessment concerning your chances for success. As part of my services, I will thoroughly investigate your case and take every necessary step to help you prevail.

Police Brutality – Definition

While police brutality often involves physical violence, there are also police brutality cases that involve other kinds of police misconduct. Examples of police brutality can include:

  • Excessive force used during an arrest
  • Police shootings
  • Depriving those in police custody of medication or medical treatment they require
  • Sexual assault while in jail or in police custody
  • Car accident injuries occurring as a result of overly aggressive pursuit of suspects by police officers
  • Improper restraints that result in injury
  • Depriving individuals of food or other necessities while they are in custody
  • Placing individuals in solitary custody without good cause and in violation of their rights

It is the obligation of police officers and departments to take the utmost care to ensure that individuals are not needlessly injured. Whether the police deliberately cause injuries to those in custody or do so through negligent conduct, they need to be held accountable.

At my law firm, The Law Office of Timothy McCalep, I will take immediate action. This includes thoroughly investigating your case, documenting your injuries and making certain you receive the care that you need.

Holding Public Officials Accountable

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