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Personal injury cases can come with many damages

Filing a civil lawsuit after you are injured in an accident is one way that you can attempt to get back the money that you've had to spend on the effects of the crash. Many people who do this don't realize some basic points about this process. You need to make sure that you are including every type of possible damage.

There are many different types of damages that might be associated with these cases. It is imperative that you thoroughly explore each so that you can seek the appropriate amount of money. Here are a few of the common categories of damages to get you started:

Lost wages

If your injuries were severe or if they require you to have medical care, you might have to miss work. For some people, there isn't any paid time off or ways to make up for the loss of income. This alone can have a negative impact on your finances. For this reason, you need to include lost wages in your claim. This is easy to determine if you are paid hourly, but it can be more complex for people who have a set salary and those who work for tips or commission.

Medical bills

When you think about medical bills, don't think only about what you've already gotten in the mail. You have to include the amount of medical bills that you may have to cover in the future. This can be difficult to determine, so you would have to look into some of the treatments you might need and go from there. On top of the medical bills that you have already received and those that you expect, you need to look into what your insurance company has paid and will pay. The legal concept of subrogation means that the insurance company may try to recover money from you if your civil claim is successful.

Emotional damages

The emotional damages of the accident might also deserve compensation. Consider how the accident has impacted you. In some cases, you should also look into how it has affected your children and your spouse. Loss of companionship is one form of damages that might be applicable to your case if you are unable to maintain the same intimacy with your spouse due to the effects of the accident.

There might be other types of damages that are applicable to your case so make sure to address the full scope of financial repercussions.

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