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Carefully plan your drug charge defense

In criminal cases, the prosecution has the burden of proving its claims. The issue with this is that many people tend to automatically believe the prosecutors during a court case. This can be a very dangerous blind trust that can lead to innocent people being convicted of crimes they didn't commit.

Juries are instructed to ensure that a conviction only comes when the facts of the crime are proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense's duty is to introduce this reasonable doubt into the mind of each juror. This isn't always easy, but it might be possible with careful planning.

Defense attorneys are familiar with methods that might be used to do this. While they must tell the truth about a situation, there are many different ways to present that truth. In some cases, the presentation is the difference between introducing doubt or not being able to do so.

We realize that you are probably concerned about the outcome of the case. Drug charges come with considerable penalties in relation to the crime. With this in mind, your duty as a defendant is to make sure that you are letting us know your decisions about each step of the case. Once we know what you goals are and what your plan is, we can work on the strategy accordingly.

We work with you to help you find out what might happen in your case. Whether you are considering a plea deal or want to move toward a jury trial, we will work with you to come up with a plan for your defense.

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