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Felony convictions come with many life challenges

The life that you have after a criminal conviction might not be anything close to the one that you had before the conviction. There are many aspects of life that might change when you have a criminal record. If that charge was a felony, you are likely going to suffer tremendously.

Many people don't realize that the effects that a felony has on your life will extend far beyond the sentence the court imposes upon you. There are several areas of your life that might be affected.

Your career options might be severely limited because of background checks that some employers impose. This might also be due to education limitations because some felony criminal convictions come with restrictions on student financial aid. Additionally, some institutes of higher learning might have guidelines that forbid some people with criminal convictions from attending school.

Facing the felony consequences for life is a very harsh reality for some people, especially those who face felonies that were serious but not violent. Does a person who is convicted of felony drug possession deserve the same life restrictions as a person who is convicted of murder?

It is important to realize that many people face felony charges because of a mistake. These aren't bad people. Instead, they are people who just lost their way and made an error. The lifelong impacts of a felony conviction aren't really fair for people who have successfully complied with the sentence handed down by the court. All of this should play a role in the defense strategy that you use if you are facing criminal charges.

Source: The Huffington Post, "When It Comes to Felonies, Every Sentence Is a Life Sentence," Thomas White, accessed April 12, 2018

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