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Determine the focus of your criminal defense

A criminal defense strategy takes a lot of different aspects into account. Many of these have to do with the crime itself. Trying to call the defense's allegations into question is the goal of your defense, but you often need to dig deeper than just that.

While you hope that your case won't result in a conviction, it is best to remember that juries are often notoriously unpredictable. A part of your defense should be geared toward trying to minimize the penalties that you will face if convicted.

For people who have never been involved in the criminal justice system, being able to bring up that fact is usually something that may support their innocence. Often, courts impose harsher sentences on defendants with prior criminal convictions. If you do have a previous criminal history, you will need to try to find ways to show the court that you don't deserve the maximum sentence.

We realize that it can be difficult to figure out which strategies to employ for your defense, especially if you haven't been involved in the criminal justice system before. We are here to help you learn what might happen in your case so that you can use that information as you build your defense plan.

While many criminal cases are resolved through plea deals, innocent people shouldn't entertain the possibility of those. Even if you think that you should try for a plea deal, we still need to work on a trial defense just in case we can't work out a deal that is favorable for you.

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