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Felony charges must be handled with a balanced defense

Addressing felony charges is difficult. You have to think about the options that you have for your defense but you also have to consider what each option means for your future. Being convicted of a felony means that you will have some life impacts from it. Taking all of this into consideration can help you to form a defense that address the points you need it to.

When most people hear that someone is facing a felony charge, they assume that it is associated with a heinous crime. This isn't always the case. It is true that felony charges are the most serious in the criminal justice system, but most are not "heinous." Think about felony drug possession charges. Perhaps such charges were warranted; or, maybe the accused person simply needed help overcoming an addiction.

We don't judge the clients who come to us for help with the defense of a felony charge. Everyone deserves to be able to present a defense against criminal charges. In fact, this is every defendant's legal right. In America, the criminal justice system uses a concept of innocent until proven guilty. Even when it doesn't seem like this is the case, this rule of law must hold true.

If you've been accused of a crime, make sure that you don't waste time and that you don't miss out on defense options just because you want to ignore the charges. We are here to help with identifying the defense strategy that works for your case. We will help you examine all the options available to meet your goals.

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