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Felony charges must be handled with a balanced defense

Addressing felony charges is difficult. You have to think about the options that you have for your defense but you also have to consider what each option means for your future. Being convicted of a felony means that you will have some life impacts from it. Taking all of this into consideration can help you to form a defense that address the points you need it to.

3 common causes of car accidents

Imagine driving through Atlanta on your way to work. For a Monday morning, things are starting off well. You already stopped for gas and other morning necessities and are still running ahead of schedule. A few blocks away from work, the stop light turns red and you slowly bring your car to a stop just in front of the crosswalk. Unfortunately, the car behind you did not do the same. For whatever reason, the driver did not apply the brakes in time and slammed into the back of your car. Now you have to figure out how you are going to pay for the damages to your car and the medical expenses associated with your injuries. In addition, you will also have to miss work for a few days in order to sort this mess out.

Factors that might impact your sentence after a conviction

One of the things that people facing criminal charges worries about is what sentence they will face. This is a difficult thought because it can sometimes come with the very real possibility of spending time behind bars. If you are facing a criminal charge, you should find out what factors the judge will consider in your case.

Drug charges can't be pushed under the rug

Many drugs that are commonplace today are actually illegal. This makes it sort of difficult for some people to understand just how serious drug charges are. If you are facing a drug charge of any type, you need to remember that these can have a significant impact on your life. This is true even if the charge is only for marijuana.

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