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Criminal law statutes can be hard to decipher

Have you ever tried to read a criminal law statute? If you have, you know how confusing they can be. These statutes provide information for people involved in the criminal justice system to use when there is a criminal case. These statues describe the elements that must be present in order for a crime to occur. They also include information about the penalties that can result if a person is convicted of a crime.

We realize that you might not feel ready to break down a criminal law statute. We are here to help you do this so that you can formulate a plan to answer the charges against you.

There are several different things that you have to think about. One is what claims you are facing. Another is what occurred during the incident. You also need to think about how you can refute the prosecution's case against you. All of these come together to build the framework for your defense.

When you are trying to decide what to do about your criminal case. You need to think about what your resolution goal is for the case. This is often a difficult decision to make. You might want to just try to keep the penalties you face as easy as possible. You may want to work toward a not guilty finding. As you can imagine, we would handle these two goals in a very different manner.

You must remember that nothing is ever completely certain in criminal law until a case is fully resolved. This is why we will discuss your defense options and put a plan together for trial even if you are trying to work out a plea deal with prosecutors.

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