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Drug paraphernalia charges can lead to considerable life issues

Many drug charges come with considerable time in jail. When you think of these charges, you might think of possession or sales. While these are very common charges, they aren't the only ones that are associated with drugs. Some people who use, manufacture or distribute drugs might also have drug paraphernalia on them. This could lead to criminal charges.

Drug charges can't be pushed under the rug

Many drugs that are commonplace today are actually illegal. This makes it sort of difficult for some people to understand just how serious drug charges are. If you are facing a drug charge of any type, you need to remember that these can have a significant impact on your life. This is true even if the charge is only for marijuana.

How should you respond to drug paraphernalia charges?

Drug paraphernalia charges exist in an interesting place, as far as legal consequences are concerned. While such as charge is a criminal offense and may lead to a variety of negative consequences, it is generally preferable to receive drug paraphernalia charges than drug possession charges. As a drug-related charge, a conviction still comes with relatively harsh punishment for an essentially minor violation.

Bill expanding medical marijuana program in Georgia approved by both houses, P.2

Last time, we mentioned a bill recently passed by congress which would expand Georgia’s medical marijuana law. As we noted, the bill has yet to be signed by Governor Nathan Deal, but proponents of medical marijuana are hopeful.

Bill expanding medical marijuana program in Georgia approved by both houses

Last week, Congress gave final approval to a medical marijuana bill that expands Georgia's medical marijuana law. The aim of the measure is to provide expanded access to marijuana treatment for those who have certain conditions.

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