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What constitutes drug possession?

A drug possession charge must be taken seriously. Just like with any other criminal matter, there are specific criteria that must be met in order to be convicted of the charge. Understanding a few points about drug possession can help you if you are facing this charge.

Each of these points is one that could potentially make a big difference in your defense strategy. A defense's goal is to make the jurors question the claims of the prosecutors so that there is reasonable doubt about your guilt.

What does it mean to be in possession of drugs?

You can be in possession of drugs if they are on your person. It is also possible to be in possession if the substance is in an area where you have control. A woman's purse or even a drawer in a nightstand could be places where they might be kept that a person could face criminal charges for. As long as you are the person with control over the area, you might face a case.

What requirements are present in these cases?

In order for a drug possession charge to stick, you have to know that the drugs are there. You also have to be aware it is a controlled substance. If this was found during a search, that search must have been conducted lawfully. When this didn't happen, the evidence might not be admissible.

There are many possible defense options for drug possession charges. You should consider each one as it might apply to your case. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that you are using the right defense strategy for your situation.

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