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Drug charges can't be pushed under the rug

Many drugs that are commonplace today are actually illegal. This makes it sort of difficult for some people to understand just how serious drug charges are. If you are facing a drug charge of any type, you need to remember that these can have a significant impact on your life. This is true even if the charge is only for marijuana.

We understand that you are probably ready to just have the case over with. Working out a plea deal with the prosecutors is usually the fastest way to resolve one of these cases, but it might not be in your best interest. It is easy to forget that a plea deal requires you to admit in front of the court that you committed the crime. You can't go back later and change your mind once the deal is done.

We realize that plea deals have an important purpose in the criminal justice system, but they must be handled properly. We are here to help you understand exactly what is being offered and what is required of you as part of the plea agreement. These points, as well as the collateral consequences, might have an impact on how you handle the negotiations.

If you aren't willing to enter into a plea deal, you might be able to enter into drug court or you may end up going through a trial. We are here to make sure that your rights are respected as you go through the path that your case follows. Throughout the case, you need to think about the options you have and let us know which one you want to pursue.

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