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Tax season is here: Remember that honesty is imperative

Income tax season is almost here, which means that now is the time to get your financial information together to file. It is also a good time for a reminder that doing your taxes requires that you are fully honest. This isn't something that you can fib on in any degree. If you do include untruths on your filings, you are facing the prospect of being charged with a crime.

One of the crimes that often comes to light during income tax filing season is tax evasion. This crime simply means that you didn't file your return or that you didn't claim all of the income for which you should have paid taxes.

There is a big difference between tax fraud and simply making a mistake on your return. Mistakes are correctable and not a criminal matter. Still, you should work to ensure that you aren't making mistakes since these can lead to an audit of your return.

It is a good idea to double check everything when you are filing your taxes. Check your figures and calculations. Verify that you are handling deductions and similar points correctly. Being honest and working with a professional can help you ensure that you aren't going to face tax evasion charges. Also, you should make sure that you actually file a return, even if you are going to have to pay in.

Tax evasion charges usually aren't the first step that the Internal Revenue Service will take. Instead, they are likely going to do an audit and try to give you a chance to correct the issue. Heed these warnings and do what you need to do to take care of matters. If you do end up facing criminal charges, get moving on your defense right away.

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