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Plan for a jury trial even if you don't think you will have one

Being charged with a crime means that your future is in someone else's hands. If you go before a jury for a trial, your fate is in the hands of the men and women who are on it. This can be something difficult to think about, but you have to plan your defense based on the possibility that you will have to rely on this jury of your peers.

We realize that you might have some questions and concerns about how to develop your defense. If your case is heading to trial, getting ready for that will take a lot of work. We have to find ways that we can make the jurors question what the prosecution is saying happened.

The standard for criminal cases is beyond a reasonable doubt. The members of the jury have to believe without a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime in order to convict you of it. This is a pretty strict standard, and the burden for it falls on the prosecution.

We know that this is a bit hard to understand, especially when you think about the possibility of being convicted of something that you didn't do. This can make it hard to trust in the criminal justice system.

Our plan for each criminal case that we work on is to develop a defense that represents the defendant's side of the case. We work to do this in a way that takes your goals for the case into mind. Whether your goal is to be found not guilty or to just keep the penalties to a minimum, we will do our best to work with you on it.

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