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Watch for signs of injury after a car crash

The injuries that you suffer in a car crash vary greatly depending on the type of crash, the speed of the vehicles and many other factors. One thing that most of these car crash cases have in common is that the injuries can impact your life in a negative way.

Because there are so many injuries possible when you are involved in a car crash, you have to pay attention to the signs that your body is giving you. Here are some points to remember about the most common injuries that occur in a car crash:

Head injuries

There is a chance that you will hit your head when the accident occurs. This could lead to a head injury, which could be as minor as a slight bruise on the scalp. It can also lead to a brain injury that can affect your entire life. Serious brain injuries could require lengthy hospital stays and invasive procedures.

You should know that even if you don't hit your head, you can still suffer a brain injury. Having a headache, vomiting and loss of consciousness are possible signs of a brain injury. Watch for these signs even weeks after the accident because these injuries sometimes take a while to show up.

Extremity injuries

Injuries to the arms and legs are common in car crashes. The injuries can include broken bones, lacerations and bruising. Even pulled muscles and strained tendons are possible in the extremities. Broken bones and lacerations will usually be readily noticeable at the scene of the accident. Symptoms of a fracture include severe pain and discoloration at the site of the break.

Spinal cord injuries

The violent motion of a car accident can put pressure on the spinal cord. While the spinal cord can usually handle this, there are times when damage can occur. A spinal cord injury can range from a minor issue that heals without any future impact to a severe injury that leads to paralysis and other problems.

Other injuries

Other injuries are also possible. These include injuries to the chest, burns, whiplash and crushing injuries. In all of these cases, you will likely feel pain at the location of the injury. The pain and soreness that comes with whiplash, which is an injury to the structures in the neck, might appear gradually in the days following the crash. Almost all of these injuries require you to seek medical care.

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