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A quick look at Georgia’s campus carry law

The ability to carry a firearm for personal safety and protection is an important right, and every state recognizes this right in some way. Different states have different laws when it comes to concealed carry regulation. Some states allow anybody who is able to legally possession a firearm to carry that firearm concealed without a permit or license. Most, however, do not.

Georgia, like other states, requires a license for carrying a weapon when in public. Georgia honors concealed carry permits issued in other states that have reciprocity with Georgia. Special rules apply for those moving to Georgia with a concealed carry permit from another state. Both residents and nonresidents must, however, follow certain rules to remain in compliance with the law. 

Federal law prohibits concealed carry in certain locations, as does Georgia law. Examples include courthouses, jails or prisons, state mental health facilities, and polling places. Concealed carry is prohibited in school safety zones, at school functions, an on a school bus, with certain exceptions. One important exception is college campuses.

Up until recently, concealed carry was restricted on college campuses, but new measure that went into effect earlier this month allows weapons carry license holders to conceal and carry on property owned by postsecondary educational institutions. To carry a firearm onto a campus, a weapons carry license holder must conceal the firearm when it is carried so that it doesn’t attract attention. Certain limitations apply to the campus carry law, including athletic buildings, state-owned residence halls, classrooms and areas with children and young students, and faculty offices.

Violation of Georgia’s concealed carry law doesn’t always come with serious consequences, but some violations of the law certainly can be more serious, resulting in felony charges. Those who face charges under Georgia’s concealed carry law should work with an experienced attorney to ensure their rights are protected. This is particularly important for accused of a felony offense under the law. 

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