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Don't let drug possession charges ruin your child's life

High school and college are often times when children grow by experimenting and making mistakes. Typically, these mistakes have short-term consequences that help inform better decision-making in the future. In some cases, like when students get arrested for drug possession, those small mistakes can impact the rest of the person's life.

Work with experienced defense attorney to fight sexual assault, rape charges

In recent posts, we’ve been looking at the issue of consent as it is defined with respect to sexual assault charges here in Florida. As we’ve noted, consent is an issue that has yet to be addressed in the context of the emerging trend of “stealthing,” but consent is often an issue in sexual assault cases.

Issue of consent at center of debate around practice of “stealthing”

Previously, we began looking at the troubling practice of “stealthing,” which is becoming increasingly popular even as some are urging states to make adjustments to sexual assault laws to make the practice clearly illegal. At present, Georgia law doesn’t really address the issue of stealthing, but some criminal measures move in that direction.

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