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What classifies as drug paraphernalia?

You have seen stories about drug busts on the news and heard about them from your friends. You know that drug possession is illegal in Georgia and while you hope that your teenager is not engaging in those kinds of activities, you suspect that he might be smoking marijuana on occasion. You hope that he never gets caught with the illegal substance, but what if the police catch him with drug paraphernalia? Furthermore, what actually classifies as drug paraphernalia?

Does “stealthing” fall within the definition of rape or sexual assault in Georgia?

An emerging trend in dating culture is not only raising alarm from a health and safety perspective, but also from a legal perspective. The practice involves a man secretly removing his condom in the middle of the sex act. The practice is known as “stealthing,” and it is even promoted in some circles. Specifically, the trend raises questions about the proper definition of sexual assault.

Bill expanding medical marijuana program in Georgia approved by both houses, P.2

Last time, we mentioned a bill recently passed by congress which would expand Georgia’s medical marijuana law. As we noted, the bill has yet to be signed by Governor Nathan Deal, but proponents of medical marijuana are hopeful.

Bill expanding medical marijuana program in Georgia approved by both houses

Last week, Congress gave final approval to a medical marijuana bill that expands Georgia's medical marijuana law. The aim of the measure is to provide expanded access to marijuana treatment for those who have certain conditions.

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