The Very Serious Consequences Of A Violent Crimes Offense

Georgia is among the states with the worst rate of violent crime in the U.S. Perhaps for this reason, the courts treat violent crimes offenses with the utmost seriousness, and impose harsh penalties. Even first-time offenders can receive mandatory sentences with no probation. Repeat offenders face much more severe penalties. Without competent legal representation, people are likely to leave their fate to the court systems, facing years, if not decades, behind bars.

At The Law Office of Timothy McCalep, I seek to provide clients across Atlanta and the surrounding areas with knowledgeable, dedicated representation in difficult times. With an aggressive approach to protecting your rights, I will fight on your behalf, both in court and at the negotiating table.

Understanding The Bigger Picture

As a violent crimes lawyer, it is my responsibility to understand the situation from my clients' perspective. I work in tandem with clients to assess the situation and present the most cogent and effective legal strategy possible, whether that means working to get the charges reduced and dismissed, preparing for trial or negotiating a plea.

As part of my practice, I help clients with a wide variety of violent crimes issues, including:

  • Murder, including attempted murder and associated charges
  • Assault and aggravated assault
  • Robbery, including armed robbery
  • Rape and other sex crimes, including sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Kidnapping

As a diligent attorney, I examine every aspect of my clients' cases, working to craft the defense you need.

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