In Georgia, Fraud Charges Are Serious

In recent years, cases involving fraud and forgery, particularly involving credit cards, have gained more attention by authorities in Georgia. As a result of substantial complaints by individuals and businesses, law enforcement is actively seeking to detain and prosecute individuals they suspect are involved in credit card fraud and other identity theft activities. Accordingly, the punishments for these types of charges are serious: fines and imprisonment are likely if you are convicted of these charges.

I am Timothy McCalep. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has spent his career working in Atlanta and across Fulton County, I have represented individuals in many cases that involve fraud or forgery charges. I strive to provide a client-centered service that balances an aggressive approach with a thoughtful consideration of all the facts of the case. I try to create a legal strategy that optimizes my clients' chances for a favorable outcome.

Defense In Cases Involving Forgery And Fraud

I work to represent clients in a variety of cases, including those that deal with:

  • Forgery crimes
  • Bank fraud, including check fraud
  • Identity theft, including credit card fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Tax fraud

There are many aspects to fraud and forgery cases that need to be addressed by a competent attorney. In its simplest terms, fraud typically involves false representation. However, there are many other considerations that go into fraud cases. As an experienced lawyer, I know what to look for and what to investigate. As a litigator, I'm always prepared to fight for your rights, particularly if the forgery and/or fraud charges levied against you are coupled with additional charges, which could have drastic consequences for your freedom.

I Work To Keep You Free

As a seasoned fraud attorney, I work diligently to help my clients through the legal process. To schedule a consultation, call me at 404-692-7525 or use the contact form.