The Serious Consequences Of Facing Drunk Driving Charges

"Will I lose my license? My job?" These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself if you have been stopped for suspicion of drunk driving. In Georgia, even a first-time offender may face jail time, significant fines and a one-year driver's license suspension. In addition, insurance costs will increase. You may find it difficult to travel for work after losing your driving privileges. If you work in a job that requires a commercial driver's license (CDL), you will almost certainly lose your employment.

However, an experienced and aggressive attorney can help you reduce your drunk driving charges — and in some cases, even have them dismissed outright. I am Timothy McCalep, and I opened my practice to help those in Atlanta and the surrounding areas as they fight to protect their rights. With significant courtroom experience, I am ready to fight on your behalf, whether that means going to trial or negotiating outside of the courtroom.

A Thorough, Detailed Approach To Drunk Driving Defense

Many clients feel powerless after they have been stopped for suspicion of drunk driving. However, a knowledgeable lawyer will be able to review and investigate every aspect of the charges you're facing. Mistakes are often made. Police officers are meant to follow strict guidelines during DUI stops, and many times they may inadvertently violate drivers' rights.

At The Law Office of Timothy McCalep, we offer full legal representation to both first-time and repeat offenders, as well as commercial and underage drivers. If any wrongdoing has taken place, our staff will find out and work to have your rights protected.

Helping You Challenge Drunk Driving Charges

DUI/DWI charges are serious and potentially life-altering. As your attorney, I will strive to help you achieve a favorable outcome in a difficult situation, both in and out of court. To secure a consultation, contact my office at 404-692-7525 or via the contact form.